Dr. Michael Greger On Factory Farms & Pandemics

Plant-based physician Dr. Michael Greger has warned about the threat of a pandemic influenza for over a decade.

He has spoken in interview and in his new book ‘How to Survive a Pandemic‘ about the danger of further diseases emerging from factory farms and how they are the perfect breeding ground for viral diseases.

“When we overcrowd tens of thousands of these animals in cramped, filthy, football field size sheds to lie beak to beak or snout to snout, on top of their own waste, it’s just a breeding ground for disease.

“The shear number of animals, the overcrowding, the stress crippling their immune systems, the ammonia from the decomposing waste burning their lungs, lack of sunlight, lack of fresh air.

“Put all these together and we have the perfect storm environment for breeding these so called super strains of influenza.”

Dr. Greger urges that “the best way for a Government to properly protect its people against future pandemics, is to end factory farming.”

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